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‚ÄčI'm passionate about life long learning and information management.

 Employment History

 Year  Company  Title  Description
 1980  Department of Scientific & Industrial Research  Technician Science Technician. Electronics and computing were my main focus. Spent a lot of time on the PDP 11's and VAX 780 writing software to automate design and production aspects of Thick Film and Silicon Chip processes.
 1984  Digital Equipment Corp  Field Engineer Servicing everything from terminal's to Vax's and VMS Internals.
 1988  Marine-Air Systems (MAS Technology)  Project Engineer Building prototypes. Printed Circuit board design, assemply, servicing etc. Maintained PC and VAX network.
 1992  AB Computers  Technical Manager Oversaw all technical aspects of the retail & small business company (Novell, DecNet and WFW networking).
 1995  Glazier Systems (now Intergen)  Consultant Microsoft IT Professional. Started the interest in Internet/Intranet development & started the hosting business. evangelised MS Technology, pre-sales specialist. Took over Microsoft Regional Director role from Rod Drury.
 2000  Advantage Group (purchased Glazier)  Consultant Assisted with IT assimilation of acquisitions. Pre-sales consulting. Architect .
2002 Microsoft NZ

Technical Specialist

Solution Specialist


I started in pre-sales focusing on Internet/Intranet products and technologies. This included IIS, Digital Dashboard, SPS 2001-3, CMS 2001-2, STS, WSS 2-3, MOSS 2007

Became very focused on collaboration and KM solutions

Now I design and implement the above.


The largest project I have worked on was as lead infrastructure architect for the Domainz .nz TLD project.

This involved replacing a number of manual systems that maintained everything to do with .nz with a fully automated and highly available solution for Domainz to run their business and everything on the Internet ending with .nz to get resolved.

The manual system only allowed for domain updates 1 time per day, 5 days a week. The new system could run 7 *24 with updates every 1/2 hour (although twice per day was the business determined schedule).

The solution was based on SQL 6.5 (2 way replication) and IIS (NT4) with BSD & Bind for the name servers. When Domainz was sold and lost ownership of the registry, the TLD solution was replace with a 100% open source solution which cost many times more than the original solution and only provided the registry function (none of the finance/billing that was also required by Domainz).


Microsoft Performance Excellence, People & Team Aligned, Customer & Partner Experiance, CSI Champion Awards 


SharePoint Insiders Top Gun award

 Other things about me

Apart from working in IT for the last 27 years, I have also:

  • Co-authored "Teach Yourself Windows Script Host in 21 Days" (Sams publishing)
  • Maintain (14,000 subscribers)
  • I have presented at every NZ TechED except for the year that I ran TechED (4 session 1 year).
  • HAM Radio operator ZL2UIB (not been on the air for over 10 years). Also ran a TV transmitter.
  • President of the Wellington VHF Group for a few years in the early 1990's
  • Microsoft Regional Director (2000-2002)
  • Married for 19 years with 2 teenage boys
  • Always enjoyed motor sport
  • Member of Arrise Church
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